Elastos Carrier Explanation & Development status as posted by Elastos on Medium

What is Elastos Carrier?

As part of Elastos Smart Web, Elastos Carrier is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that takes over all network traffic between virtual machines and conveys information on applications’ behalf.

What are the Features of Elastos Carrier?

  • Decentralized and Encrypted:

— ID Authentication step is required before information is transferred, which prevents DDoS attack from happening.

—Peer-to-peer (P2P) secures the communication: no central server, no content leaking or man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.

  • UDP-based NAT traversal for node network connection
  • Efficient data transfer between distributed nodes, such as video and audio streaming or text messaging.

Why is Decentralized ID (DID) Part of Elastos Carrier?

  • In the centralized world there is a variety of communication tools including Gmail, WeChat ID, Alipay, WhatsApp etc. We are connected with each other using these tools associated with our IDs.
  • There is an emerging trend and security necessity for people to have a totally decentralized ID system to identify each other, without 3rd party control — this is DID. Everyone needs a traceable ID for historical records.

    — DID is built on the blockchain and provides a reliable ID to everyone and “everything”. The ID can be used for back tracing, authentication, and building trusted connections.

Our life is connected to all kinds of ID associated communication tools

What are the Differences? Carrier vs TCP/IP vs Cellphone

In Summary, Elastos Carrier = P2P + DID

By combining P2P and DID, Carrier leverages trusted ID to make communication more reliable, trustworthy and secure.

Where does Elastos Carrier and DApps stand?

DApps are built on auxiliary blockchains on top of parent ELA chain, leveraging ELA tokens

Development Roadmaps for Carrier, DApps, and DID

• Elastos Carrier Development Roadmap

  • 【2018.2】Completed — Engineering preview version complete, published to Github
  • 【2018.4】CAR Interfaces support Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • 【2018.6】Decentralized ID (DID) Integration, Carrier communication based on trusted ID
  • 【2018.8】Release Carrier 1.0

• Elastos Carrier Application (DApps) Development Roadmap

  • 【2018.2】Carrier DApps platform available to the public
  • 【2018.4】Personal Cloud Drive App on Carrier
    (Demo version)
  • 【2018.4】Start decentralized IM project on Carrier — * Integrate with ELA wallet & ELA ID
  • 【2018.8】Release Elastos Box on Carrier

• Elastos DID Roadmap

  • 【2018.2】Completed — KYC Interface complete
  • 【2018.5】Prototype complete, workflow demo
  • 【2018.6】Release DID Beta


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