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Group Limited which was formerly known as United Photovoltaics Group Limited, stock code: 00686.HK) announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Elastos Foundation to jointly develop a clean energy blockchain project. The goal is to encourage more people to take part in public welfare activities and help solve climate change issues.

Elastos, a leading blockchain application vendor, will provide a systematic solution based on blockchain technology to Panda Green Energy. This energy blockchain project will focus on both ends: electricity generating and consuming. It will use the advantages of blockchain technology — traceability and decentralization, to provide clean energy for targeted communities.

The plan is to put the daily clean electricity generated by the four rooftop distributed power stations located in Shekou of Shenzhen onto the energy internet platform to allow virtual exchange. Panda Green Energy will select trial users in Shekou to participant in clean electricity virtual exchange. Users can log into website or mobile Apps to check the real time data of electricity generated and the purchasable clean energy volume. Users are also able to select smart contract on website or mobile apps, and the smart contract will pair the peer-to-peer (P2P) virtual exchange between the power stations and the end user. TUV will then issue an authorized e-certificate to prove the electricity the user purchased and used is authentic clean energy. The collaborative energy project will increase the awareness of clean energy using innovation technologies and drive the sustainable development of smart energy moving forward.

About Panda Green Energy

Panda Green Energy Group Limited is a leading global eco-development solutions provider and headquartered in Hong Kong. The Company is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, which is now a constituent of the Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index (Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect), the Hang Seng Composite Index Series, the Hang Seng Global Composite Index and the MSCI China Small Cap Index. The Company’s green energy projects are located throughout China and some overseas regions. As a global green energy resources sharing platform, Panda Green Energy attracts attention of lots of large Institutional Investor all over the world. Major stockholders include: China Merchants New Energy under China Merchants Group Limited, China Huarong as one of the four largest property management companies, ORIX which is a international financial services group and Asia Climate Partner (ACP) foundation under Asia Development Bank.

About Next Energy Exchange Limited (NEX)

New Energy Exchange Ltd (NEX) was established in 2012 with the Hong Kong headquarter, and backed by Huawei and Panda Green. Nex is a service provider focusing on the new ecology of energy Internet, and provides integrated solutions based on blockchain technologies. The goal is to leverage blockchain technology to enable a globally connected network of energy transfer and and bring affordable, reliable and sustainable new energy to thousands of households.

About Elastos Technology Architecture

Elastos is the first operating system in the world that allows the trustworthiness of the blockchain to be integrated into a user’s daily life. Elastos architecture has four layers :

  1. Blockchain and Smart Contracts. As the operating system’s trusted zone, the blockchain can implement “trust”. The Elastos main chain uses Bitcoin’s POW mechanism to ensure the reliability of data transmission through joint mining with Bitcoin. At the same time, Elastos provides services and extends third-party applications through its side chains.
  2. Elastos Carrier. Elastos Carrier is a completely decentralized P2P network service platform. For Elastos, it is an important support infrastructure for decentralized application development and operation. It is the Elastos P2P Network Platform part of the architecture diagram.
  3. Elastos Runtime. Elastos Runtime runs on the user’s equipment to achieve a “reliable runtime environment.” By developing Elastos DApp, independent developers can use (play) digital assets such as digital audio and video playback. VM guarantees digital assets will run under blockchain control, providing users with the ability to consume and invest in digital content;
  4. Elastos SDK. This is the traditional APP (i.e. Wechat, QQ, Taobao, and other mobile phone software). These APPs can extend their capabilities by introducing the Elastos SDK, gaining typical blockchain abilities like identity authentication and trusted records.


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