Morepheus Wallet released a an update today on Reddit stating:

Hi everyone, just letting you know that we have gotten Elastos working in an unreleased version of Morpheus. It was no easy task, but my team was able to pull it off. ELA will be available in a release coming soon!!

Here is a video of creating and saving a new ELA address:

Please do not send funds to the address in the video 🙂

We have reached out the Fay Li and the ELA team so we can get them a copy of the app to test before we release as we beleive it is important that the Elastos team approve the integration of their token.

More info coming soon. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for the support!

About Morpheus

Morpheus is the first universal wallet built on the NEO blockchain that supports NEO, GAS, dozens of NEP5 tokens, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, with QTUM and popular ERC20 and QR20 tokens to be added in 2018.

Morpheus gives you access to the world’s most powerful blockchains, in one secure wallet. Quickly and easily set up new addresses or import funds from an existing address. Morpheus does not have access to or share your private keys with anyone one other than you, giving you complete control over your blockchain assets.

It is great to have more options for Elastos holders to store their ELA safely and securely with other coins therefore having Morpheus integration is a really significant move. We look forward to the release of the final version.



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