By Fay Li (CMO) and Kevin Zhang (Head of Developers Community)

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Elastos is community driven. We care about our community, we listen to our community, and most importantly, we work with our community to build a better Elastos ecosystem. For us, Elastos members are also community members and evangelists.

Starting this month (Summer 2018), we will be initiating seasonal community engagement & communication plans on Medium. We would love to hear your opinions and how you can help us achieve this goal. Therefore, we are leaving the comments section open so you can let us know your thoughts. If you do have suggestions, please let us know. If email is better, you can send your thoughts here: [email protected].

Let’s build Elastos together!

1. Setting up Elastos San Francisco Dev Community Team

Elastos Silicon Valley Dev community Team will cover the following aspects:

1.1. Technical support for Elastos community

1.2. Prepare technical documentation, training materials, video tutorials and sample code

1.3. Build Demo DApps on top of Elastos tech stack

1.4. Technical meetups and events

1.5. Support global DApp teams using Elastos

1.6. Elastos TechTalk monthly meetup

1.7. Elastos DApp Hackathon

1.8. Elastos Silicon Valley Training Center (EBook, Video, Online and Offline training course)

1.8.1. Speakers/trainers: Elastos tech managers/directors/lead, community managers; advisors that are familiar with Elastos technologies

1.8.2. Targeted members: for Evangelist & DApp Developers, separately.

1.8.3. Bullet points Training sessions:

  • General technical introduction for Elastos full tech stack
  • How to build an example DApp from scratch with Elastos

1.8.4. Schedules: More detailed schedules will be launched May or June depending on the status of the development.

*Some sessions can be recorded so you will also be able to take this online

2. Community Engagement Contest:

Infographic contest (in order to deliver clearer info about Elastos)

3. Branding:

3.1. We will be able to deliver informative & well designed landing pages by the end of this quarter. We will also be using professional designs for other outputs.

3.2. Elastos song production.

4. Communication:

4.1. Writings

4.2. Videos:

  • Videos for members without a technical background:

— — Video 1: What is Elastos video (animated)

— — Video 2: Elastos decentralization and copyright protection video (with real scenes)

— — Video 3: A professional explanation video for Elastos.NET.Carrier : What is Elastos Carrier (2–3 minutes explaining the features of Elastos Carrier, how it works and why it’s relevant to our lives)

  • Videos for developers:

— — Technical video: What does Elastos carrier look like (long technical videos)?

— — How to build an Elastos carrier DApp (long technical videos)?

5. Events:

  • 2nd DApp meetup (Elastos with DApps running on Elastos)
  • Regular meetups with Elastos members. Frequency: Once a week or more

— — New York Meetup

— — London meetup

— — LA Meetup

— — Melbourne Meetup

— — Developers’ meetup(s)

Open for other meetups.

6. Social Media Platform

Add Instagram as a new platform.

7. Partnership Goals:

  • 5 DApp partnerships
  • 5 Investor partnerships (with reputable fund that can provide DApp and other partnerships)
  • 2–3 Technology partnerships

Debrief of Last Season (November 30, 2017 — March 31, 2018)

1. San Francisco launch meetup

Elastos organized a very successful meetup with NEO, Ontology and Stellar on November 30th, 2017.

2. Token sale:

  • Launched a token sale with 11915 community members registered on the whitelist
  • Accepted 5988 token contributors.
  • During the whitelist registration, hackers tried 3 times to hack our token sale page but failed.

3. Lock-in and interest campaign

ELA Circulation details see here:

4. 1st DApp meetup

5. Partnerships:

6. Technical achievement:


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