To Our Community,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who participated in our Community Logo Contest. Our goal was not simply to find a winning design, but to engage the community in the conception of a design while also engaging them in creating a platform to talk about what Elastos represents in a single image. In this sense, the process was a great success. Design is not like a track and field race, it is subjective, nuanced, and can carefully embody an entire philosophy in a single image. We could not be more thankful to all of the designers who submitted logos and all of the community members who voted and voiced their passionate opinions about the process.

With that, we would like to announce what is coming next for Elastos. We are currently in the process of re-branding. We are working hand-in-hand with brand agencies, professional designers and community members and there are several things we would like to share with you about this process.

First, we have submitted all of the logos we received from our contest to a professional design firm. They will use them as inspiration, along with the Elastos vision, in the creation of a new and original logo. Next, we will be updating our website in the coming weeks and plan to have a fully redesigned website completed this summer. Finally, we are working with talented professional designers on a brand style guide to go along with our new website.

We want to encourage you to continue using your talents and voices to help grow this community and hope that you appreciate our belief that by involving you in this process, and more to come in the future, we will be able to create something unique: a community voice that helps shape our vision.

There will be more opportunities for you to contribute in one of our many upcoming bounty programs, including our video contest that ends July 15th. More details can be found here:

Thank you again and we hope you look forward to what is to come next for Elastos.

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