Elastos is pleased to announce its partnership with Weatherblock, the first blockchain based weather data exchange platform.

The two parties have signed an MOU to use the Elastos Runtime, Carrier, Dapp framework, and browser in the Weatherblock ecosystem. Weatherblock is also currently doing research to integrate the Elastos OS.

Weatherblock allows users to monetize IoT weather data by using physical sensors to gain valuable ground level information. The current public data used to predict weather is gathered from high altitude readings and can be inaccurate for precise weather conditions. Weatherblock’s granular sensors allow more accurate block to block data accumulation and provide a peer-to-peer platform to exchange this data and monetize its value.

Weatherblock aims to be a part of the synthesis of decentralization with IoT and AI, helping to shape the future of shared economic models that reposition how value is dispersed using autonomous community services. This will help facilitate commerce between individuals, entities, and devices, allowing them to trade on a trusted decentralized chain.

BloomSky will be the hardware supplier that will produce the blockchain nodes and IoT gateways which users will be able to purchase to start participating in the ecosystem. BloomSky is currently in 100+ countries with 150,000+ users. It is the fastest growing weather network that projects to have a distribution of 50,000+ strategic locations by 2019.

Weatherblock intends to build a network for data exchange that will not only create a shared economic model, but also create a more efficient and safe database of information to assist in the success of things like smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and commercial drone operations. The Weatherblock platform will be inclusive of all weather related IoT systems, including: irrigation, thermostats, luminance, air quality, and more.

Elastos and Weatherblock look forward to the future of this historic partnership.


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