Elastos is taking part in hack.summit’s Virtual Hackathon on July 6–8 2018. The event is presented by HackVC and powered by Deconet.

To take part in the Elastos Challenge:

First, register for the event here: hacksummit.org/hackathon

Then, access the Elastos Challenge page here:

The Challenge — Create a Detailed Design of an Elastos App Idea of Your Choosing

The Elastos Challenge is to conceptualize an Elastos App in as much detail as possible. This is a non-coding challenge. Ideally, a submission will have a thorough and detailed concept that leverages the Elastos Carrier. Example Apps and all of the details of the Challenge can be found on the Official Challenge Page.

Challenge Video: https://youtu.be/_S_dhShNFEw

Prize Description:

Amounts are listed in USD but will be distributed in ELA based on the exchange rate as defined by [CoinMarketCap](https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/elastos/)

  • Grand Prize — 10,000 USD
    – Runner-Up — 5,000 USD
    – Honorable Mentions (x5) — 1,000 USD

We are inviting all participants to enter our challenge and design a truly amazing App for Elastos.


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