ELA News is participating in the Elastos DPoS Supernode Election. The ELA News Supernode has gained tremendous support thus far in the election and would like to extend our gratitude to all the voters. We have been operating since April 2018 with a main goal of bringing news and content through our website in a more presentable manner. ELA News has received over 33 000 users since our inception and our aim is to grow and bring more valuable content to the Elastos community. In the spirit of decentralisation, our supernode is hosted on a South African server, currently, the only supernode hosted on the African continent. ELA News is an independent community site and not affiliated with the Elastos Foundation nor are we affiliated with any Supernode Alliances. We will highlight all the details of our supernode below:

Supernode Details:

Name: ELA News (ELA新闻)
Member: TI (TG:@Mr_Tman)
Node Public Key: 03d203f4aad5d2298587f86602ba1e77f91ddfcfa8f652f4f504f874737469d32e
Reward address: EPsqauqbeT2GgAJwikiaQAzPmJdkEZ6HZW

Server Details:

Host: Azure
Location: South Africa North
Size: Standard B4ms (4 vcpus, 16 GiB memory)
Hard Drive: 100GB Premium SSD with constant backups
Operating system: Linux (ubuntu 18.04)

Rewards System:

DPoS rewards are set to begin on June 17, 2019, we will distribute rewards to all our voters through elabank.net in a transparent and constant manner. Currently we aim to have rewards distributed on a weekly basis with rewards accounted for every round (72 minutes). Voters will need to have accumulated atleast 0.0001 ELA in order to receive their reward.

The distribution structure will be as follows:

70% of net income (Total Reward less Supernode hosting expense) to all to voters

30% to the ELA News Fund (ELA News server, development, content and team)

We have decided to follow the net income model due to fixed overheads of the ELA News supernode server, approximately $200/month, which will be deducted in ELA every month. In the near future we aim to bring these costs down with longer term contracts and pass on the saving to our voters. This does not include the cost of maintaining the supernode and server costs of ELA News which will be covered by the ELA News fund.

Since our inception, we have been operating without any external funding or incentive and would like to use this supernode as an opportunity to grow the ELA News brand and bring more content to our readers. Once again we thank you all for the support. For any further information, kindly email us at [email protected] or message us on Twitter



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