This week, Elephant Wallet has released a major update, as their team continues to build a robust and versatile platform to support the Elastos ecosystem. In their major update, Elephant Wallet implemented a number of high-impact changes:

  1. Added IOEX token
  2. Added a manual signature tool
  3. Changed ‘Explore’ to ‘Mini Programs,’ you can add/sort/share/remove mini programs
  4. Fixed a bug about Elastos node settings
  5. ELA transaction history user experience improvement, added time and date info
  6. Changed default node
  7. Fixed all bugs about auto-voting failure when sending ELA
  8. Added Elastos support in request protocol schema
  9. Added interface for multi-signature wallet (Android)
  10. Added multi-QR code scanning capability (Android)

Mini-Programs on Elephant

Elephant Wallet has also developed further support for the suite of Mini Programs which can be run within the App. The Mini Programs, which include Red Packet, DPoS Voting, SWFT, and others, allow users to seamlessly access the many budding platforms and functions of the Elastos ecosystem from one place. ELA News is proud to have launched its own Mini Program, so Elephant Wallet users may browse our content from within the App. Elephant Wallet also remains fully customizable, and enables users to freely add and remove Mini Programs from their wallets.

Users may add Mini Programs to Elephant Wallet using the addresses below:

Red Packet

DPoS Vote

ELA News

One-click voting


How to Add Mini-Programs

  1. Go to Discover Page on Elephant Wallet
  2. Tap “+” icon on top
  3. Select “Add by URL”
  4. Add the URL for your mini-program from the list above

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