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Reactor Independent Game Guild (RIGG), a decentralized game distribution platform for PC and mobile, and Elastos agreed to form a strategic cooperation in January, 2018.

By collaborating with Elastos, RIGG will

  • use blockchain technology to allow players and independent developers to directly participate in the distribution of game content without a third party;
  • take game copy rights and equipment purchasing into a new era of the digital gaming market by fully protecting digital content rights;
  • include sale distribution details of gaming programs in smart contracts which enable the distribution of revenue to both game developers and gamers. Game developers can also receive revenue from the sales of second-hand digital games. Doing so eliminates the middleman effect and creates a win-win situation for both game developers and gamers.

In the future, RIGG will also use a lightweight virtual machine (VM) from Elastos open source code. The VM will be used a security sandbox for applications to securely decrypt and load games, authenticate permissions, and prevent tampering and cheating in games. RIGG will include these technologies in the Elastos Runtime, and both parties will jointly develop a set of easy-to-integrate SDKs / plug-ins for Unity, Unreal Engine, and more. At the same time, both parties will also consider using blockchain technology and other security technology vendors to fight piracy.

Rong Chen, founder and chairman of the Elastos foundation, said

“The biggest advantage of the Internet is that there are no operators. The biggest drawback of the Internet is that there are no operators. Without network operators, everyone has the right to send IP packets online. Any application can steal privacy, forge identity, and launch attacks.”

Elastos Carrier is a logical vendor choice, as it is based on blockchain technology and operates automatically as a “robot”. Why? Elastos Carrier is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that takes over all network traffic between virtual machines and conveys information on applications’ behalf. The carrier has been open sourced to GitHub and will provide sample project code for personal cloud disks, cameras, and more next month.

Since the Carrier is a P2P operation code, it is necessary to provide video, audio files, and messaging capabilities. It is also essential to provide P2P game networking and open source 2D and 3D game engines, giving world-class game studios an exhibition stage. RIGG fills the gap in Elastos’ P2P gaming capabilities.

Meanwhile, Elastos not only provides RIGG with a way out from paying game channels a 30% agency fees, it also gives an opportunity to create limited edition games catering towards a high-end, and small market audience.

We are looking forward to the exiting journey with RIGG in the new gaming era.


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