Elastos released a statement on Medium regarding SPV which will be used to integrate with exchanges.

We would like to update our community on the following two topics: merged mining with Bitcoin and the progress of our tech integration onto exchanges and wallets.

Merged mining with Bitcoin:

We plan to add a layer of DPOS consensus based on the current POW consensus mechanism before we start merged mining with Bitcoin. It is expected that the implementation of this POW+DPOS consensus will be completed by the end of 2018.

Exchanges and Wallets:

Currently, not all features of the Elastos Mainnet are available to the public yet, therefore, we will provide SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) nodes by the end of May. Elastos SPV nodes are designed to be compatible with the Bitcoin interface and exchanges can run on Elastos SPV nodes to connect to the mainnet. It is the same case for SPV wallets. We will also provide an SPV SDK in C++ for mobile wallet integration.

The SPV is an asset that will make integration onto new exchanges and integration for alternative wallet options much easier.

We look forward to completing this process and will keep you informed with more updates.


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