Elastos is hosting an ELA game for the 2018 World Cup from June 14th — July 15th.

Here is how to participate:

Visit: https://vote.elastos.org

Step 1: Sign up

Menu > User center > Register as a new user

Step 2: Enter your ELA wallet address

Menu > Click “Awards” at the bottom > Add your ELA address > Save

Step 3: Participate in the game by voting which team(s) you think will win

Menu > Home > Click any pair(s) that you want to vote for> Vote for the one that you think will win or Tie> Click “Vote”

You can check your voting records from : 1) “Achievement” on home page; or 2) Menu > My Voting records

Each new participant creates 0.01 ELA to the contest pool. At the end of the World Cup there will be pools for each consecutive correct guess. Pools will be divided up and sent to your address.

The more correct guesses that you make in a row, the higher your rank in prize pools. Larger pools will be awarded higher prizes than smaller ones.

Also, please invite friends to play. Each new referral can eliminate a wrong guess and increase your consecutive correct guesses.

The prize pool increases when more new users are registered.

There are also super rewards for the top ten users that refer the most people:
1st place: one user gets a 30 ELA reward;
2nd place: three users, each get a 20 ELA reward;
3rd place: six users, each get a 10 ELA reward;

After the game ends, the number of referrals can be seen from user center on the menu.

— — —

Steps to refer friends:

Menu > Invite friends > Copy the referral link and share with friends.

Steps to see how many friends you refer:

Menu > User center > My invites


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