The Elastos Foundation is ready to announce the winners of our Elastos Video Contest. Once again, we want to thank everyone who submitted videos and everyone who left comments and discussed the submissions online. In lieu of gaining community insight from a public poll, we have allowed our judges to select the 5 winners using their expertise and the already available discussions that have taken place. We are thrilled and confident with the selection of the winners and are pleased to share them with our community.

5th Place – 70 ELA Reward

Jason Wain

4th Place – 120 ELA Reward

Jesse Kent

3rd Place – 200 ELA Reward

Sevaan Freeman

2nd Place – 300 ELA Reward

Martin Knight

1st Place – 400 ELA Reward

Kent Skorstad

Social Media Challenge:

Tweet a link to your favorite video above with the hashtag #goelastos. The post with the most engagement (likes & retweets) by July 31st 11:59PM EST will be awarded 25 ELA. Ready… Set… GO!


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