The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce that the first Elastos Ecosystem Collaboration Project Airdrop will be Bit.Game. On August 21st, 160 million BGX (BIT.GAME tokens) will be airdropped to ELA holders.

Airdrop Plan:

1.  On August 13th, a wallet update will be released to allow each ELA holder to enter their ERC20 address. This feature will only be available on the official Elastos web wallet (

2. The only confirmed exchange that will support allowing ELA holders to leave ELA on their exchange and still receive BGX tokens, is GAEX ( Please move ELA off all other exchanges if you want it to be included in the airdrop. It is also suggested to avoid entering an exchange address in our wallet update box.

3. Each user must fill in their ERC20 airdrop destination address. The airdrop amount will be based proportionally on the quantity of ELA in each wallet.

4. The registration deadline to submit your ERC20 address is 11:59pm Beijing time (3:59pm UTC), on August 20th. Elastos will take a snapshot of each ELA wallet based on the last block height before this time.

5. Once the snapshot is taken, ELA can be moved from a wallet.

6. On August 21st, Elastos will commence the airdrop for BGX tokens.

The BGX total supply is 10 billion. 2% (200 million) of that has been given to the Elastos Foundation. 160 million will be airdropped to ELA holders and 40 million will remain with the Foundation.


Project Introduction

Founded in October 2017, BIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games. (

BIT.GAME focuses on the whole blockchain game ecosystem that covers blockchain games digital assets exchange & digital game tools exchange, blockchain game technical solutions, a blockchain game investment incubator, and a blockchain game voting platform. BIT.GAME blockchain game digital asset exchange is live now.


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