The following is an update and wallet instructions for the upcoming Bit.Game (BGX) token airdrop for ELA holders.


1. The Official Elastos Web Wallet ( has been updated to support initiating a proof transaction for our airdrop registration.

2. Users must initiate a proof transaction to prove ownership of the ELA in the Web Wallet. In addition, users must provide an ERC20 address. The proof transaction will be based on the current amount of ELA in the wallet at the time of confirmation.

3. The trigger time for the above actions need to happen before August 20th 4PM (UTC). Please keep in mind that generating blocks can take longer when the network speed is below average. We recommend completing the proof steps at least 30 minutes before the deadline.

4. Once the proof transaction is initiated, ELA in the wallet can no longer be transferred or used for any kind of transaction before 4PM UTC Aug. 20th, otherwise the proof transaction will become invalid. If there is an emergency that requires you to transfer ELA, please make sure you initiate the ELA proof transaction again after the ELA has been restored.

5. Elastos will calculate the amount of ELA owned by each user based on the proof transaction submitted prior to the last block height at 3:59PM UTC on August 20th. This will determine how many BGX tokens will be airdropped to each user.

6. Aug 21st, Elastos will begin airdropping the BGX tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What happens if you have zero ELA in the wallet? You cannot add an ERC20 address? In this case, does the user have to buy some ELA and then send it to the Web Wallet and then add their ERC20 address?

• The minimal balance for the airdrop is 1 ELA. The user should withdraw the ELA to their wallet and then add the ERC20 address.

2) What happens to locked ELA? Let’s say I locked all my ELA back in February and have zero ELA right now? Can I still fill in the ERC20 address?

• We will manually collect the ERC20 addresses of the lock participants.

3) What if I enter my ERC20 address today and the proof transaction goes through, but then I buy more ELA tomorrow and send it to my Web Wallet? Will the Web Wallet account for this change? Or, do I need to remove my previous ERC20 address and then re-add my ERC20 address to get another proof transaction?

• The wallet will not auto-renew the proof transaction. If there are more ELA in the wallet after the initial proof transaction, re-add the ERC20 address to submit and get an updated proof transaction.

4) How do you create a proof transaction AFTER you have already put in your ERC20 address?

• Add the ERC20 address again, this will destroy the previous proof transaction and create a new proof transaction in its place.

5) How do I create an ERC20 wallet?

• If you currently do not have an ERC20 wallet, please follow the link for a suggested guide for creating one. Elastos is not responsible for the creation of, or maintaining of, any ERC20 wallet. Creating a New Wallet


1. Log in

2. Click ME

3. Click ERC20
4. Add ERC20 address » SAVE

5. Select OK

6. Select Click to Send to initiate transaction and enter your Spending Password (The ELA address that was provided has been generated from your wallet)

7. Successful transaction confirmation.

The ELA will be sent to a new address in the wallet and the balance will be zero before the transfer transaction is confirmed.



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