The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce that Phase 3 of our six-phase DPoS implementation module is complete and the new Elastos Wallet with supernode election support has been launched. With this development, supernode voting is live, participant node registration has officially commenced, and node owners can begin to build their node. With Phase 3 now complete, we are well on the way to securing and establishing a fully decentralized Elastos blockchain.

To this point, Elastos has upgraded the mainnet to support DPoS elections and opened merged-mining (AuxPoW) to the public. Since merged-mining went public, we have seen an exponential increase in interest, and thus in competition. In fact, Elastos merged-mining has experienced a difficulty increase of more than 1,000% since April 1. In addition to upgrading the mainnet and opening merged-mining to the public, the DPoS consensus’ 12 CRC (Cyber Republic Council) nodes went live and have begun contributing to Elastos’ hybrid consensus.

It should be noted that Elastos’ new wallet, aptly named “Elastos Wallet,” will be the official wallet of Elastos going forward. As such, in the near term it will be the only wallet that supports Supernode Registration and Voting Functions. In the future, Elastos Wallet will support additional features of the Elastos blockchain as they go live. Elastos Wallet can be downloaded here:


Community members are encouraged to get involved by registering a supernode or by downloading Elastos Wallet for voting purposes. Please note that while registration is now open for supernodes, the community-elected nodes will not take part in DPoS consensus until the completion of Phase 5. To learn more, watch Elastos DevStudio Lead Kiran Pachhai’s video on Supernode Registration and Voting Procedure:



NOTE: Mnemonic words created on Elastos Wallet cannot be imported into Web Wallet ( Elastos Wallet is now the recommended wallet from Elastos Foundation because it has reduced synchronization time.

Kiran will also release an additional video shortly, which provides instructions for running a supernode once it has been properly registered.

As always, make sure to keep up to date as we continue to roll out our DPoS Consensus.

*** ELA News will be running for the DPoS Supernode Elections. ELA News is an independant community site and not affiliated with the Elastos Foundation. To support us, please be sure to vote for the ELA News Supernode ***


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